Woman Learns About Mom’s Hysterectomy And Other Lies

During Monica Libao’s childhood, her mother Burma and her father Pablo had to move from one town to another. In fact, the family moved exactly 28 times in 15 years.

Monica discovered her mother’s illness and lifestyle before the latter died. Monica was 16 then.

As she went through her mother’s medical files, she found out the truth about her. Actually, her mother had total hysterectomy almost 20 years before Monica was born.

Thus, Monica had to ask the question of how her mother Burma gave birth to her. When Monica confronted Burma about her doubts and questions, Burma told her that Monica’s real mother was her mom’s older sister.


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However, things got complicated when the older sister told Monica that her mom was lying. What she told Monica was that her real parents had to sell her so that they could use the money to buy a bus ticket.

Her birth certificate also did not list any doctor, address or hospital. The certificate had a wrong date, and her social security card was mysteriously named after her father.

Time passed, and Monica decided to get married. She forgot all about her questions as she became busy raising her daughter.

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However, after a few years, she thought about seeking the right answers to her questions.

Monica used to remember when her father would stash a cardboard box while expressing his inability to tell the truth, yet the circumstance proved insignificant.

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Finally, after the death of her parents, DNA tests confirmed that she was not related to them. Even her biological cousins had no memory of her at all.

Presently, Monica is still searching for the truth about her identity. She even thinks that she was kidnapped sometime in the early 1960s.