Woman Locates The Owner Of The Lost Gifts Using Social Media

A woman named Andrea Reid living in St. Petersburg, Florida, was surprised after she found a trash bag full of presents on the side of the road when she was driving down the road.

According to her, she was with her boyfriend when they saw the trash bag with completely wrapped Christmas gifts with a note written “for Branson.”

She knew that she needs to deliver the handful gifts to its recipient.

So she posted a picture of the said trash bag on her social media account Facebook on December 24, 2017, hoping she could locate Branson.

In her caption, it says that the post may take a long process for it to reach Branson, but they will try their best to help the kid get his presents before Christmas. She added that she and her boyfriend would love to see the smile on the kid’s face once he would finally receive the gifts that were rightfully for him.

According to WFTS Tampa, some people talked to her and claimed the gifts, but it was obvious that these people’s locations were no match. Despite the difficulty of finding Branson, she was still hoping she could deliver it to the right owner even though it’s a little late.

Fortunately, the power of the social media helped Andrea to find the kid after four days. Watch the video below, and find out the kid’s reaction after getting his Christmas gifts! Thanks to Andrea and her boyfriend, the joy and excitement to Brandon’s heart lives through.

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Thumbnail Photos: WFTS

Footage provided by WFTS Tampa