This Woman Got A Total Makeover After Chopping Off 14 Inches Of Her Long Hair

Have you ever wondered what’s the shape of your face or have you even thought as what could be the best possible haircut for that shape of face?

All I know is that my hair suits the best on my face when its long and layered while I am not sure if I have heart-shape or an oval shaped face. It takes years of effort to pamper around your hair with colors and cuts to make sure as what suits the best.

Rather than choosing ambushing women for their “Ambush Makeover” segment held for today, they decided to give a best haircuts to their volunteers in accordance to their face shapes.

Three different women were chosen with all different-shaped faces were up for getting most pleasing haircuts from Louis Licari and Rodney Cutler of the Licari-Cutler Salon.

14 inches of long were trimmed off which took Alexandra ages to grow and she donated it! They gave her a short hair cut along with lot of bounce and flow which, to her surprise, did suit her best.

With best of their skills, Louis and Rodney figured out the perfect haircuts for round and oblong faces, which made their haircuts stand out.

Weren’t you delighted by the extreme haircuts like this one? What if hippie teen just before starting high schools trimmed off all of his hair for a style statement? You will love watching this.

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