Woman Marries High School Boyfriend After Her Husband Dies

First love never dies—an old saying that lasts for a lifetime. High school crushes and puppy love are experiences that make life memorable and worthwhile. It does not matter whether the relationship lasted or not. It is the memories and lessons we have learned along the way. A couple from California became high school sweethearts. Rebecca and David were so head over heels in love with each that things went too fast for them. He got her pregnant with a baby boy in their sophomore year. Rebecca first told her best friend, Duffi, about it during their history class. She had an image of the ultrasound result.

Before their son was born in 1995, the couple split up. They realized that things were not going well, and it’s too early for them to make hasty decisions. Years passed, and they both had separate lives. Rebecca married and had another son. She and David remained friends for the sake of their son, Clayton.

In 2013, her husband passed away. She moved back to California where her family is staying. Fate had a way to make her and David see each other again.

Two years after, David’s wife was diagnosed with cancer and died shortly after. Rebecca helped him cope with the loss. Eventually, the two realized that it is not yet too late to reconcile and give love another chance.

After nearly two decades, they found each other again, and this time, no one is letting go. It is really amazing how things unfolded and everything that has happened only led them towards each other. When Clayton’s 21st birthday came, she and David took him out to celebrate and decided to surprise him with a gift of revelation.

Watch the video and find out the shocking news for Clayton!