Woman Meets A Homeless Man And Falls In Love With Him

All love stories are beautiful, but sometimes, people come across something rare, and often unbelievable; much like the love story of Emmy Abrahamson. Emmy, a 29-year-old writer who was traveling in Amsterdam in 2006, met the man she considered the love of her life, Vic Kocula. He was a complete stranger who approached her, and soon after they fell into an undeniable chemistry. They were instantly infatuated with one another.

Although this may sound like the standard love affair, this is far from what it seems. When Vic approached Emmy on the streets for the first time, he was a homeless person. On January 30, 2018, the pair gave an interview on a morning talk show and then shared how their astonishing love story affected their lives 12 years after the encounter.

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Emmy was a Swedish writer who was in Amsterdam, waiting to meet her friend and sitting on the bench to kill time. Vic saw her and strolled over to her in the most confident way and inquired the time. Emmy deemed this cheesy since they were seated underneath a clock.

Immediately, Emmy knew he was homeless by the way he looked. But then when she got a glimpse of his brown eyes, she was captivated by them, and she enjoyed how he made her laugh instantly.

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YouTube / Nyhetsmorgon

Vic claimed that he saw this gorgeous woman by herself and was shocked at how comfortable and content she looked on her own. He knew then and there that he had to talk to her. Though they only got to bond for ten minutes, it was enough for the two.

Vic was an American backpacker who had an extended stay and since then the two have been inseparable.