Lady Finds The Used Diaper Bag From Goodwill Was Unusually Heavy, Then She Sees A Hidden Hole In Its Lining

In today’s world, we put all out important memories in our phones. Pictures, videos, voice memos and so on are some examples. However, few years earlier, digital cameras were most commonly used to record those unforgettable moments of our friends or family.

Those cameras are not put to that much use these days and many of us have kept them somewhere locked in our homes. Some may even have forgotten its whereabouts. That’s why Katie Conner thought that she lost it forever when she couldn’t find her digital camera. She felt so bad as the memory card inside it had too many lovely memories that she wanted to hold on.

Forgetfully she dropped the chip into a designer diaper bag, which had a hole in its lining and couldn’t remember that she did so.

Later when Sarah Thomas bought the same bag from Goodwill, she felt that the bag was little heavier than it should be and checked inside it. She noticed a secret hole and it was where the camera was hiding for so long.

While going through the pictures she understood that someone might miss those memories and hence, she posted them on Facebook in an attempt to find the owner.

In an hour or so she found the real owner of the pictures.

Katie and Sarah soon saw each other in some place and Sarah returned the camera and SD card. Katie felt so thankful that Sarah shared it on Facebook to find her.

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Footage provided by KTVL – check them out on Facebook