Woman Reprimanded for Wearing 2-Piece Bikini in the Pool

This generation’s double standards on women have gone through a wrong and bizarre turn. A full-figured woman in her 40s was reprimanded for wearing her bikini in a waterpark, even though the rest of the women weren’t addressed at all.

Back in 2013, a woman named Madelyn Sheaffer, who was in her 40s, went to the waterpark together with her kids. She went to the Adventure Oasis Water Park in Missouri, hoping to spend quality time with her children and enjoy the hot breeze.

It was summer time, so it had a hot temperature. She decided to wear her bikinis, which was just appropriate for the place she was in.

However, much to her dismay, Madelyn was approached by the park’s staff and asked her to wear a pair of shorts over her bikini to cover them up.

Since she was in one of the kids’ pools with her children, she decided not to do so. She noticed that some women, who wore more revealing swimsuits, were not reprimanded, and she felt that she needed to take a stand.

She didn’t do anything wrong and her swimsuit was not inappropriate, given they were in a water park. She also did not cause any damage to what she was wearing, so questioned why she would need to put on more clothes.

As she denied the request of the staff, she was unexpectedly approached by a group of police officers. This surprised her even more, and she was wondering why authorities would have to be involved in such a petty incident.

It made her feel furious when she escorted out of the water park for doing something that everybody else was doing. Perhaps the people felt it was not appropriate for her age to be in such attire, and this was just ultimately unfair.

Footage provided by KSHB Kansas City