Woman Rescues 27 Dogs She Found in Vacant Area

Maria Adams was on her usual morning walk when she found 27 dogs that seem to have been abandoned by their owners. She was utterly dumbfounded after seeing the helpless pooches.

Maria was only passing by in a vacant lot when she spotted the dogs. She saw five puppies in a milk crate and another 22 canines, wandering around the lot.

Maria knew that she needed to help those dogs. So she quickly went to her home and drove her car to rescue the dogs.

Because the pooches didn’t know Maria, she bought a few pieces of beef jerky to lure the animals to get in her car.

After she got the three huge dogs, the small ones immediately followed. Maria closed the door and made sure that all canines were rescued.

After getting the pooches, she drove to the Ramona Humane Society, an organization that helps abandoned animals.

Maria approached the animal control officer and told him that there were dogs in her car.

The officer followed Maria where her car was, but he was in disbelief after seeing the canines inside her car.

Maria left the officer and went inside the animal shelter to ask for more help. They asked her how many dogs there were in her car, but she didn’t know at that point.

All she wanted to do was to rescue the abandoned animals and give them a safe place to live temporarily.

The shelter took in and is currently caring for the dogs. Maria hopes that they find their forever homes and get the love they deserve as soon as possible.

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