Woman Senses A Shadow Following Her Moves, She Is Left Surprised When She Realizes It’s Her Dog!

The Labrador Retrievers are very affectionate, friendly, protective and loyal, but they are also stalkers?

All the dogs surely have some or the other quirk about them. These small cute quirks can totally make you go crazy. The lady recorded her Labrador stalking all her moves all through the day.

The dog’s name is Peanut and he has got very popular on social media. He has become so well known when he comforted a little one. But, the mother just decided to show a totally other side of the dog. She was just flipping casually through one magazine but then she noticed a strange shape.

When she points the camera towards the shape it is none other than Peanut. The dog was sitting with the back rested against the cabinet.  The dog was staring her.

But this does not end here. Where ever she goes all throughout the day, Peanut follows her. Whether it is the bathroom, or behind her laptop, Peanut finds her.

Even when the mother goes outside and stands on Porch, Peanut comes and stares as if he wants to say that she can never escape him.

This dog surely proves that a dog loves you with all its heart. In spite of his stalker attitude, this dog is a complete sweetheart. Do  SHARE this post if you too feel that this dog is great!