Woman Shocked With Boyfriend’s Proposal With A Puppy

A man who resides in Virginia decided to surprise his significant other with a puppy, but what startled her most was what was written on the puppy’s name tag. John Higbee purchased the most adorable Labrador puppy for his girlfriend Lacey Peter. He placed the puppy on the ground as soon as he heard her preparing to step out of the door. As Lacey left the garage, she was surprised to find a tiny ball of fur looking up at her in the driveway.

Taken over by disbelief, she kept asking John if it was really their puppy, and if it was real. After freaking out for a while, Lacey eventually bent down to hug the puppy.

She then continued to swoon over the puppy while John assured her that this was their puppy; however, the lady who was filming the surprise told Lacey to take a look at the puppy’s nametag. Lacey checked the nametag that was shaped like a heart, expecting to see a name, but instead the words, “will you marry me” were scribbled on the tag.

As soon as Lacey looked back at John, he was down on one knee and held a ring in his hand. In her shock, Lacey sat down on the driveway and stared at John for a bit. Eventually, she did move closer to check if the ring was real, and John slipped it into her finger.

Lacey said yes, of course, though the shock was evident in her face, she stood up and hugged John and their new puppy. They all looked like a small family unit, with the puppy in between the lovers. You can agree that she was ecstatic.

Photos: Jukin