Lady Takes A Table At Wendy’s Then She Watches A Scenario Of Pure Love

Almost everyone desires to find their true love in this life. When then encounter it they are on the seventh skies and those who cannot locate they keep on gazing for the one made for them.

If two souls are truly in love they become each other’s priority in every situation. While taking the oath in front of Almighty on the marriage day they swear to stand by each other in health and in sickness, letting the world know their love for each other is selfless and everlasting.

The beauty of true love should be appreciated and we should find guts to adore the people who have given their entire life to the one they live for or the one they love.

The old couples who have lived together for years in their lows and highs should be praised to let them know they are beautiful and the couple of 93 years old wife and 96 years old husband in the story narrated below deserves special appreciation.

The story described here under was published on Love What Matters, where it witnessed huge list of followers. Just give few minutes to go through the story and it will without any doubt find a place in your heart.

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While having double cheeseburger she saw an old couple and embraced their sweetness while continuing with the meal.

A little later she saw the man helping her with the food and then realised that this was the form of love that she has always wanted for herself.

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When the gentlemen went to throw the food the girl approached him to ask his age out of enthusiasm and then he asked her to judge the age making sure she does count it too low.

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Finally after few wrong judgements the man told his wife was 93, who were suffering from Alzheimer and he being 96 years of age. They were there to celebrate their date night and he added if they lasted till June they would be celebrating 75 years of togetherness.

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What could be a better feeling then lasting with the one whom you started your journey with? No couple can be more blessed then the two. It is so beautiful to let the love grow through the ages.

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Over the time since the day it was published it had been liked by 1,40,000 people and had been shared by almost 27,000 people.

People published their experiences as well as an enthusiastic response to this story.

One of the Woman reader narrated that her grandfather use to feed her grandmother even when she was not able to recognize him, though he was the old one who was allowed by her to feed her. Her heart still carried the love for him deep inside.

Another woman wrote that the story reminds her of her mother for almost 3 years before she lost her due to heart disease and Alzheimer. Even after being separated for almost 30 years his father visited her to help her take care of her mother. Her father had been in love with her mom since he was a teenager and his love was eternal.

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Did the story touch your heart because it definitely found a space in mine and I have watery eyes after I read about the beauty of their love.

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