Woman With Incessant Cough Finds Out She Has Silent Reflux

Jane Beacham is a 72-year-old woman who loved to travel but got afflicted with an incessant cough and needed to clear her throat. For ten years, she looked for answers, bought medicines and visited doctors for her complaint. A visit to gastroenterologist Dr. Jeffrie Kamean ended her search and found the primary cause of her nagging cough.

Jane spent more than a decade to stop her irrepressible cough. She scurried from one doctor to the next but told she had asthma. But her coughing didn’t stop. She had used about eight inhalers, but none was making it easier for her.

She said that it was embarrassing, and she’s looking for the answers so badly.

Her visit to Dr. Kamean provided relief when he explained what’s causing her cough. He said that Jane had silent reflux. Also known as laryngopharyngeal reflux (LRP), it results from acid rising from the esophagus reaching to the throat.

Unlike gastro reflux, LRP is hard to diagnose because it does not have any symptoms like heartburn. It only has indications of a barking cough, asthma, sleep apnea, or weight gain. Thus, it was termed silent.

When Jane had acid-reducing medication, she stopped coughing. She went back to Dr. Kamean’s office after two months and said her condition was getting better. Jane was sleeping better and was ready to travel the world again. She also underwent a LINX procedure to stop her reflux – a type of surgery to correct the acid from going up.

These days, Jane went back to traveling the world. She came back from France and is waiting for the next country to visit. Check out Jane’s miracle journey on with the video below!


Right Thumbnail Photo: Flickr / GreenFlames09