WOW! Check Out This Wedding Toast Given to THIS Bride by her Sisters!

In early 2016  there was a wonderful marriage between Susie and Luke Kasteel. During the reception, Susie got a surprise that she would never forget.

Susie has two sisters, Sarah and Naomi Carter. They decided to give her a toast. This was no ordinary toast. Before the toast, Susie jokingly said she wanted a Disney theme. She had no idea what was in store for her based on her request.

Her sisters threw the normal toast out the window immediately.  They came out and performed a 10-minute medley consisting of all Disney songs.  Here is the kicker, they changed all of the lyrics and made them relatable to their sister.

The duo performed classics such a “Be Our Guest,” “I’ll Make a Man Out of You,” “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,

Obviously, Susie was ecstatic. She could not believe that her sisters went through so much just for her. In light of the situation, it was discovered that their mother was an opera singer. If you take that idea into consideration you can see why they were so excellent on stage.

Finally, it is funny to note that Susie and Sarah manage a company that performs as princess characters for birthday Parties.

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