Young Boy Teaches Illiterate Grandfather How to Read

Reading is one of the first few things children learn how to do in school. Unfortunately, more than 700 million people across the globe cannot accomplish this task. Kivan Bordeaux, a 62-year-old Grand Rapids, Michigan native, is a part of this daunting statistic. However, unlike most people, Bordeaux is lucky enough to have a grandson like Zayden Coleman.

Zayden Coleman is a six-year-old kid studying at the River City Scholars Charter Academy. At 6, the young boy is on the cusp of becoming literate. He had just finished reading the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs, and Ham, on his own when he noticed his grandfather Kivan, doesn’t know how to read.

Being the goodhearted kid that he is, Zayden took it upon himself to teach his grandpa the things that he learned in school.

Zayden would go to his grandparent’s house, and the pair would read for hours on end. They would also tackle other subjects together. Together, they have figured out how to do basic math, how to sound out words and how to tell time.

Zayden’s grandmother, who met and married Kivan a few years ago, is amazed by how smart and helpful her grandson is. She explains that both she and Kivan grew up in an era wherein school wasn’t as stringent as it is now. They simply didn’t have the opportunity to fine-tune basic skills like reading.

Like Kivan, Donna appreciates everything Zayden has taught them. She marvels at how a young boy can teach old folks new things. She believes that Zayden, with his kind, big heart, would reach amazing things.

With summer in full swing, Zayden walks down to his grandparent’s house every day. They still practice reading together.

Footage provided by WXMI Grand Rapids