Young Girl Kills Herself and Dad Invites Bullies to The Funeral

Amy Everett got the opportunity of a lifetime when she was only six-years-old. At such a young age, she already got a modelling contract. She’d go on to receive the nickname “Dolly.”

She looked like she had it all. Everyone seemed to love her. But then, she died. She took her own life. She was only 14 years old.

Amy’s parents came forward to reveal what their daughter went through. Amy was the subject of bullying and harassment at her school. In an interview, Amy’s mother said that boys used the word ‘slut’ to insult her. Amy’s mother did her best to teach the girl to ignore the bad names these children used against her. These were children and they did not know any better.

Her parents hoped that Amy would’ve seen herself as how they saw her: a beautiful and funny young woman. Their worst nightmare happened last January 3, 2018.

Dolly’s Dream

Amy lived on a farm, far away from other kids. This made her feel isolated and the bullying worsened this. On the day that she died, her parents couldn’t do anything but to hold her lifeless body in their arms. The ambulance couldn’t get there on time because the farm was so far away.

Days after, Amy’s father opened up with an emotional message asking for Amy’s bullies to come to her public service. Akruba Hats, the company who made Amy their model, made an ongoing campaign to stop bullying. Soon after, the Everett family made their own foundation called Dolly’s Dream. They hope that they can spread positive changes with Amy’s legacy.

Dolly’s Dream

It’s heartbreaking that a young girl had to take her own life because of bullying. Many of these children don’t know the consequences of their actions. Amy’s family now want to support children who were once in Amy’s shoes.

Dolly’s Dream