Young Lady Surprises Everyone of Her Amazing Recovery From a Coma

The 27-year-old Emily Falcioni has her life going fine before her car accident.  She is just months away from graduating from a good school with the degree of nursing and just engaged with her boyfriend to be married.  She certainly has high hopes.

Her life suddenly changed when he and his fiancé, Justin, met an accident in Traverse City.  The tragic incident amazingly did not kill her and her fiancé.  He was with her in the car at that time.

The couple came from a weekend beach getaway when their car was t-boned by another driver unexpectedly.  If you see the car wreck, you would not even think that anybody from inside it would survive.  The crash just looks awful.  The couple was rushed to a Traverse City hospital

Kim’s mother, Emily, received a phone call from someone informing her of the accident.  She rushed to Traverse City immediately

Kim found out from a nurse that her daughter’s prognosis did not look good.  The doctors said that she had a traumatic brain injury and they have medically induced her into a coma.

The nurse said that there’s less hope that she would recover as normal.

Justin was just down the hall on life support.

Emily woke up from coma eventually but she thought she was eight years old, Kim said.

Emily then transferred to DMC’s Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, and Dr. Peter Gumma said that she got poor prognosis previously and that he felt better after examining her.

After 6 months of the rehab care, she recovered and would have completed her degree by the end of February and will get married this summer.

She was so thankful for all those who took care of her when she needed most.

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Photos and footage provided by WXYZ Detroit